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[Attention] Behind the Scene: Days in the forum (Yuzhijingling)

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The origional post in Chinese with beautiful pictures is here: [url=http://www.china[url=http://www.chinatikfans.com/]tik[/url]fans.com/viewthread.php?tid=25689&extra=page%3D1%26amp%3Bfilter%3Dtype%26amp%3Btypeid%3D178]http://www.china[url=http://www.chinatikfans.com/]tik[/url]fans.com/viewthread.php?tid=25689&extra=page%3D1%26amp%3Bfilter%3Dtype%26amp%3Btypeid%3D178[/url]

Thanks to bangdaxijie, a translating team member, for his English translation. lily_zl impoved some of the translating parts.

Behind the Scene: Days in the China[url=http://www.chinatikfans.com/]tik[/url]fans.com

by Yuzhijingling

Someday by accident I found Lued Kattiya on VCDwhich started my crazy journey of loving tik. I have no idea about how many tears I’ve shed for Anotai, for I can not accept the fact that he was finally executed. I still remember that killing sadness and regret. tik really gave a great performance on Anotai, so I started collecting all his TVs and news firstly in Public Channel and BBS in Taiwan. While tik was shooting his new play Love Rhythm, I was too absorbed in the character of Anotai to accept his new role in Love Rhythm.

tik’s Kaew Tah Pee was my second favorite lakorn subbed by Purin. His acting skill is really amazing. And this play brought me a chance to know tik’s Chinese Fan Club, and they have much more prompt information there, therefore, all I did was hanging on the BBS, and I also reply a lot to watch the second part of Kaew Tah Pee, by that time I found so many people crazy for him,  just like me.

I can’t help feeling like making an MV, though I didn’t know how, while I saw how beautiful the picture Wuyouxiaoxia made for P’tik and the MV made by Ann and Huayu. Then I began to learn Windows Movie Maker by myself until I practiced every second I got when at home, leaving my kid and husband aside.

A week later, I finally made my first MV "kite". I was so excited thinking about whether I should post it on BBS. Afterwards, I realized that it's all the guys' selfless sharing so that we could watch such great work. So I decided to publish it on BBS, which almost took me all night to try twice or three times until final success, due to my computer's slow speed. It has a lot of potential to improve because that's my very first MV. Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement, i felt a little proud. It's just this MV that made Huizimoli, far away in Japan, and also Huayu, who I've been adoring for long, become my friends. Until then did I know that she is also coming from Taiwan. We were working pretty hard to make the MV, just as Huayu said: I am not feeling comfortable if I am not doing that, and we finally made 4 MV of Lued Kattiya and one of Kaew Tah Pee.

One day, a message was left to me from Helendai, asking me if I am interested in joining in the subbing team. I was so glad that I could be chosen, and I also think I got a chance to make some contribution to the subbing team. So I joined in the conference group that very night, and I got to know so many people working for the team regardless of payback and private time, that's some thing really touched me. I had no idea that Guguoshenyou from the team had already knew Huizimoli and Huayu, so our four guys had a really good time chatting on MSN, and Huayu finally installed QQ to join in the conference group and subbing team, meanwhile Roy Leh Sanai Rai was forced to stop updating for a long time due to the work assignment. Helendai assigned me my very first work, the subtitle of the 16th episode of the Roy Leh Sanai Rai, since I joined in the team, though there was only a couple lines there, I made it with carefulness. Finally it took quite a long time to be published.

What’s more, I also got to know Leilei, a really funny, lovely and responsible board moderator, who offered us many help. During that time I helped Janet make 2 segments of Prissana. This experience taught me how hard making subtitle was; it took me 2 to 3 hours to make a subtitle of 10-minute video. Especially for the quarreling part in the lakorn, it’ll be the toughest job. I was kind of worried about the team when there was no one there to lead us, Helendai also knew it, so she asked us for advice. We all agreed on Leilei taking charge of the team. We were all excited when we had our first meeting, and it felt great while we discussing issues. Janet also made a teaching post on watermark. Huayu and I learned Ulead VideoStudio as our team required. Our team got more and more members in, thus we were even worried about lack of subtitle to make. Then we were separated into groups, according to the type of the movie to get the job done. Janet and I were in the same group, subbing Prissana. We were all busy on the subtitle everyday.

As the forum became unstable and data lost, our job got harder. We just can't upload the video no matter how we tried, finally we chose to put it on other website, however, the morale of the staff and the focus the forum are drifting away little by little.

The meeting with P’tik in Thailand led by Helendai does brought back some attention on the forum, for people like me have no chance to see him face to face. I am so jealous of those lucky fans. With that trip we truly find how amiable tik is.

As we were on the halfway to get Prissana done, I was declared breast cancer. I can hardly bear it with a serial surgery and chemotherapy, but I told myself I must hang on since we were already short of persons, so I was still working on it during the treatment. The teammates care about me so much; they encouraged and talked to me everyday. It is truly a pleasure to know these guys. Prissana seems to be the only thing that could get me out of the pain, We finally finished it as I insisted.

The BBS got no more noise as before while we had done with Prissana. People become focusing on their own; the reply of the post is getting less and they didn’t talk that much on the Subbing team. I can't help wondering what changed us and the passion toward P’tik. I miss the enthusiasm we held before so much.

I was supposed to quit and concentrated on my health after finishing Prissana's subtitle, so I rested without seeing anyone for a while, but then I found I couldn't live without the team, and checking what those guys are doing on BBS becomes part of my daily life, while i still see them working hard for the team. I really admire their insistence.

Though I am not that enthusiastic like before, I have already accepted subbing task for tik’s another lakorn. At present, I just occasionally watch his creations and chat with the staff in my spare time. tik is married now. With the members of the team coming and going, I just wish that tik could make some more good movies and lakorns for us to enjoy.

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' n2 Z- @0 r: Y7 h& R0 H0 f不过有tik的新作品诞生,到时候还要辛苦lily你哟~8 a8 A8 ^, F# T
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in this section, we are required to use English to communicate, for this section is for International fans.


嗯,大臣考虑很周全,呵呵,支持  发表于 2009-10-12 12:33
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好像是大臣的心路历程哦,  T0 q) p2 j" H4 ~5 @# x& C


唉,不是我自己的,是字幕組羽之精靈的,在美文區裏工作人員日至離是雷雷的配圖版,我這裡是翻譯組翻譯過的英文文字版。泰國官網那裏我也貼過去了  发表于 2009-10-12 13:06
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